Sienna, Miss Melody & Mr. Big

The horsegirls and their horses


After the death of her mother, Sienna left the city and moved in with her father Yann in the country. Although Yann lives at a riding stable with many horses, the city girl was not very enthusiastic about it at first. But then Sienna made new friends - and got to know a very special horse. Immediately she felt magically drawn to Countess Galactica, a noble white mare. After a fire at the neighbouring farm, Yann brought Countess Galactica to Summerset and she became Sienna's horse. Sienna named the mare "Miss Melody" - and the two of them now communicate without words ...


Zodiac sign:
Favourite food:
The pancakes from dad.
Favourite colour:
This is what I like to do best:
Horseback riding, getting Mr. Big out of the feedlot, meeting friends.
Do you play an instrument?
Unfortunately not, but I sing and hum a lot.
What do you collect?
Colourful bracelets
Later, I'd like to:
Stay at Gut Summerset and experience many more adventures.

Miss Melody

Miss Melody used to be called "Countess Galactica". Sienna and her father saved the white mare from a fire on the neighbouring farm.

Mr. Big

Mr. Big, the Shetland pony who is always in a good mood, was a gift from Sienna's parents on her third birthday.

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