Lily & Pelly

The horsegirls and their horses


Lily lives with her parents and her two older brothers in a huge villa. Her parents have their own business and rarely have time for the children. Lily dances, plays the piano and golf - but she loves riding most of all. And that has been the case since she was five years old. Some believe that Lily is conceited and stuck-up, but her friends know that's not true. Lily is helpful, smart and always there for her friends. Her mare Pelly is her pride and joy, and together they have already collected a few ribbons at shows.


Zodiac sign:
Favourite food:
Spaghetti with tomato sauce and looots of parmesan.
Favourite colour:
All, but especially pink.
This is what I like to do best:
Riding, dancing, shopping, chilling with my girlfriends, surfing the net.
Do you play an instrument?
Piano, I'm just too lazy to practice.
What do you collect?
Shoes, hihi - and horseshoes.
Later, I'd like to:
Maybe become an actress or designer.


Pelly is a beautiful, loving chestnut mare with a very soft coat.

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