Jella & Dancer

The horsegirls and their horses


Jella lives with her mother and grandmother near the riding school and is the youngest of the four girls. She is always cheerful, helpful and is never at a loss for words - unless her secret crush, stablehand Lucas, is standing in front of her. Jella is particularly skilful and has a knack for making things. She loves to weave the horses' manes and decorate their halters. Now and then Jella even earns some pocket money with it. She' s been a bit short of money since she bought Dancer, a young horse. But Jella is very proud of her horse and wouldn't give Dancer back for all the money in the world!


Zodiac sign:
Favourite food:
My grandma's dumplings.
Favourite colour:
Pink and purple.
This is what I like to do best:
Riding, painting, taking pictures of selfies, meeting friends, doing handicrafts.
Do you play an instrument?
No, I prefer drawing.
What do you collect?
Selfies from my friends and me.
Later, I'd like to:
Riding competitions with Dancer, like Toni and Lily!


Jella saved up for a long time to be able to buy Dancer, who is still young and sometimes a bit wild.

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